Located in a privileged geography of our country is the COFFEE AXIS, an exuberant territory where the imagination of travelers will be dazzled by the biodiversity of landscapes, the contrasts of its forests and Andean mountains, with its deep rivers and streams, dense vegetation, flora and fauna unique in the world.

Fans of adventure and nature tourism will be able to challenge high mountains, ancient forests on horseback, fly between guaduales and banana trees, walk among beautiful flowers and diversity of climates, meander along trails of natural areas and reserves of indescribable beauty.

EJE MAGICO TRAVEL has offices in Armenia and Salento, focused on designing and operating programs that allow our travelers to discover part of this charming and fascinating country & that we are…. “more than coffee”.


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Discover the Coffee Cultural Landscape by visiting the four departments of the declaration


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We have paid attention to the details to give you memorable memories on your trip to the PCC.


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More than a thousand travelers report our excellent service and positioning in the market


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More than 10 years in the market make us the most reliable agency in the coffee triangle

We have for your ease a wide range of rural and city accommodations, categorized by the type of services between hostel, Tourist, Superior Tourist, First, First Superior and Superior.

We are committed to the ESNNA policy to prevent the sexual and commercial exploitation of children and adolescents, and it rejected any act of discrimination of color, sex, language, disability, population, political opinion or of any other nature.

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