Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Pereira- Santa Rosa de Cabal

Once in Pereira, we will transfer you for 1 hour between main and tertiary roads to Santa Rosa de Cabal to the beautiful Finca Santarrosana located high up in the mountains of Santa Rosa de Cabal, from where you will be able to observe the marvellous coffee landscape and if the weather allows it, the majesty of the snow-capped mountains of Ruiz, Santa Isabel and even the city of Manizales in the background.

You will enjoy a special lunch, lovingly prepared by the hosts. After a well-deserved rest, you will start the coffee ink painting classes with a young and great artist from Santa rosa, you will learn from an espresso coffee the various shades and you will make your own illustration with pieces of the coffee tree, you will receive a nice and special souvenir.

Día 2 Santa Rosa de Cabal

Arriero Experiences at 6am meeting with the guide/jornalero with whom you will share part of their daily chores, collecting seasonal fruits, feeding the chickens and collecting their eggs and enjoy watching the beautiful birds during the tour checking the crop. You will have your "arriero breakfast" and you will be ready to continue with the coffee tour experience here you will learn about the history of coffee in the world, in Colombia and the origin of the PCC - you will pick the coffee, learn the process of harvesting, washing and processing and finally you will have a cupping of organic coffee, to learn how to prepare and differentiate the taste and what is obtained by preparing your coffee in different filtering methods.

In the afternoon, after lunch and a break, you will live a culinary experience guided by a chef of Santarrosa origin: the dish will be prepared with some products of the Hacienda and other local products, you will be able to know and taste a surprise appetizer while you are preparing the dish.
In the evening we invite you to enjoy dinner in the garden next to the fireplace made with coffee sticks, listening for a while to music from the region (guasca and carrilera), drinking a good carajillo (coffee from the Hacienda and Ron viejo de caldas 15 years) and other typical products of Santa Rosa de Cabal, as well as those previously prepared by you, accompanied by the lights that remind us of a small Colombian nativity scene. .what else?

Day 3: Santa Rosa de Cabal - Armenia

We say goodbye to this beautiful family sharing breakfast and continuing to the sector of the main square of the municipality of Santa Rosa where you can appreciate the Araucaria trees and from there up the mountain for half an hour in the middle of a rural area, you will find a spectacular place, with its thermal pools and services are ready to pamper you with a relaxing thermal bath and a body massage specially programmed for you.

In the afternoon we will continue our journey to another department of PC.C. the Quindio, where we will welcome you with open arms and where we will take you to have an experience of connection with your inner self in the Aldea Pùrpura Temple.

Day 4 and 5: Armenia, Quindío

Aldea Púrpura Temple, a sacred territory for the healing of the spirit, mind and body. There, we will live an inner reunion and a mystical experience of two days and one night, focused on rest and emotional healing, so necessary in these chaotic times. We will be ready to recognise our essence, connect with our history, with the Supreme and with nature; open our heart, vibrate in forgiveness, love, gratitude and service; place ourselves in the here and now to live one day at a time and achieve a real change in our lives. An experience that will mark a before and after in your life!

What will you do?
You will connect with your inner self through healing practices such as meditation, yoga, music and aromatherapy. You will participate in conscious listening and dialogue groups and go through a nine-step process of personal transformation that involves a mystical connection with flavours, through a menu designed for your soul. In summary, you will disconnect from the worries of life to connect with your inner power.

You will be accompanied by:

Ana María Beltrán: Emotional Wellbeing Coach and CEO of the Citizen Language Corporation and Aldea Púrpura; creator of the Purple Constellation Intervention Model, based on spirituality and Inner Movement, with 15 years of experience leading psychosocial intervention projects at national level.

Alberto Hoyos: Bioenergetic, holistic and emotional therapist; writer on natural medicine, yoga, health and personal growth, initiated with Hindu and Buddhist masters; qualified as swami or sanyasin by chankarasharia of America.

Day 6 Armenia - Bogotá

This morning, according to your flight itinerary, we will take you to the airport in Armenia for your connecting flight to your city of origin.


6 días – 5 noches

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