TRUST, THE FORCE IS IN YOU (10 days – 9 nights)


Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Pereira - Quimbaya

Transfer from Pereira airport to the hotel in Quimbaya; during the journey, fix your eyes on the horizon, recognise the colours and perceive the aromas; you have arrived at the Coffee Cultural Landscape.
Your accommodation is waiting for you to enjoy your first cup of the smoothest coffee in the world, while you rest from your long journey.
Taking care of yourself is the first thing you must do if you want to give love to others. Start your work with a meditation with singing bowls, after which you will enjoy a welcome healthy and organic dinner.

Day 2 Quimbaya

Very early in the morning, with the sunrise in the background and in the middle of a natural environment, you will have a yoga session; after having a nutritious breakfast, let us spoil your inner child, with a specially relaxing massage.
Looking for an experience of holistic transformation to balance you and based on Ayurvedic medicine, you will have lunch made with local and organic food that nourishes your body, surrounded by an environment that connects you with nature and breathes an air of peace.

In the afternoon, you are scheduled for an individual session to level your chakras, preparatory to experiencing constellation with horses, a therapy of healing inherited behavioural patterns that limit your potential, correcting, forgiving and healing so that you can consciously have healthier relationships.
Reflect on your experiences, while enjoying a specially prepared tea.

You will close the day with a soft dinner and a vibrational detox, so that in conversation with an expert, you will understand that everything is energy and how it influences your thoughts, emotions and vibrational frequency.

Day 3 Quimbaya

You will start your day with a yoga session, helping the seed of meditation to germinate in you; remember that if you do it regularly, you will receive benefits in all your areas, as its main purpose is to help you find your way to inner peace and live your daily life from there. Just don't forget that intention is the mechanism by which spirit is transformed into material reality.

A massage to lighten your loads awaits you at mid-morning.

After lunch you will receive a healthy cooking workshop; it will help you when you return home to combine and balance your food. Here you will reinforce that giving is also receiving and planting a tree will be your best manifestation of gratitude.
You will have some free time while we prepare your farewell dinner. You end the day with a fire ceremony under the stars, launching your dreams into the universe.

Day 4 Quimbaya - Cauca Viejo

You will have an early breakfast to start your 5-hour trip; don't worry, you will travel in comfortable transport and make several stops, enjoying the changes in the landscape; you will pass through the departments of Quindío, Risaralda and Caldas and have lunch on the way until you reach Cauca Viejo in the department of Antioquia.
At the guesthouse you will be welcomed with a refreshing drink and fruit tasting; after a well deserved rest, in a natural environment of exceptional beauty, you will walk along the path of the Cauca River, which leads you to the hill where you can appreciate the immensity of the

mountains to connect with your prana or link between mind and body, your vital energy; you return to the guesthouse to rest.

Dinner on your own. Accommodation and rest with dreamy aromas.

Day 5 Cauca Viejo - Jericó

This day is dedicated for you to immerse yourself in the healing melodies of music; start early in the morning with a sound bath; the sounds reduce your levels of anxiety, tension and sadness, improve the quality of your sleep and eliminate toxins strengthening your immune system; a therapeutic and meditative experience with healing notes; enter into the vibrations

of a peaceful echo accompanied by instruments of our ancestors; take an inner journey to explore your deepest self and connect with the source of your vitality.

After enjoying your breakfast, you will head to the heritage town of Jericho, on a 45-minute tour; you will learn about the Paisa culture so that you can understand its strength; your tour starts at the top of the hill where Christ the Saviour is located; here you will realise that the people of Antioquia are faithful to their religious beliefs. During the descent you will have a natural connection in the Botanical Garden in a vow of silence to the guadual, where you will meditate with musical sounds.
After your introspection, you will discover during your visit the value of archaeology and folklore, such as the art of the traditional carriel paisa and the Maja Museum, which represent the culture and traditions of Jerico.

You have lunch in a cosy and picturesque local restaurant and if you are interested you can learn about the healing mission of Mother Laura, Colombia's first saint.

The tour continues at the Museum of Music to observe instruments from all over the world and experience their healing power, ending with an interaction exercise.

Before your return to the guesthouse, you taste the best smooth coffee in the world, accompanied with a typical snack. Free evening to enjoy your dinner and relax with dreamy aromas.

Day 6 Cauca Viejo

You start with a fruit drink and water. Then with an early activation, yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises to prepare for the day. After breakfast, you connect with the grandfather Cauca, that majestic river that runs in front of you, you strengthen your bond with the grandmother ceiba, to start your tour observing in a conscious way the forest of abundance; amount of fruit trees that remind you of the sublime of the relationship water - earth; you will finish by the stone paved streets of the town admiring its unique architecture.
Lunch and free time.
In the afternoon, around the fire and in front of the Cauca River you celebrate the offering; a ritual of detachment, with fire and earth, which also nourishes you and connects you with the perpetual flow of the water element. At the end of the day, you enjoy a unique celebration during your dinner and a sharing at the Table of Abundance. Rest with dreamy aromas.

Day 7 Cauca Viejo - Medellín - Cartagena

This morning you start with a meditation to visualize your day, enjoy your breakfast and board your trip to Medellín for a 2-hour journey to catch your flight to Cartagena.

The sea breeze and the sun of Cartagena de Indias welcome you, accompanied by a refreshing and healthy coconut water, a typical drink of the coast; you are now ready to move to your accommodation and enjoy the rest of the day on your own, exploring the colorful streets and corners of the walled city.
In the evening you will head to a local restaurant where you can enjoy the delicious Cartagena cuisine and the sensational nightlife.

Transfer to the hotel to rest and get ready for the next day's experiences.

Day 8 Cartagena

After enjoying your breakfast, the gentle sea breeze that caresses you invites you to paint your soul, leading you to channel your feelings and thoughts into magic.

Then, accompanied by a local guide, you will visit the traditional market of Bazurto, where you will buy the local products required for your cooking class, which you will take to the Café Lunático, where, accompanied by the chef, you will prepare some typical dishes, which you will accompany with the best cocktails of the city.

After dinner, you will return to the hotel to rest.

Day 9 Cartagena - Rosario Islands

You are finishing your tour of these beautiful regions of Colombia; after breakfast, you will be transferred to the dock where you will travel by boat for 45 minutes to the paradisiacal island "Gente de Mar" located in Isla Grande, in the National Natural Park Islas del Rosario, where you can enjoy its tranquility, the charm of the sea, its crystal-clear waters and its white sand.

After settling in the hotel, you will dedicate time to spoil yourself with reflexology and acroyoga in front of the sea, connecting with nature and the magical sound of the waves breaking on the shore.
After enjoying your lunch, you have the rest of the afternoon free to sunbathe, read a book or just enjoy the present.

You finish your activities with sound healing by a fire and dining on local food.

Day 10 Rosario Islands - Cartagena

Enjoy your last breakfast in the Colombian Caribbean; you will depart for Cartagena; at the port the vehicle will be waiting for you to take you to the airport for your flight back home.


10 días - 9 noches

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